The interactive map shown here provides an overview of some of the businesses and places of interest in Downtown Hanover. Click the square icon in the upper right corner of the map to see a larger version. The map was created to provide guidance during the Inside Hanover event, organized by Visual Realia/Andrew Smith.


July 16, 2016

Herman Miller, architect for Hanover’s well-known Sheppard and Meyers homes, was also the architect for the grand, four column PNC Bank found in the first block of Carlisle Street, just a few footsteps away from our square. Traffic, both by car and foot, passes by this building daily, with very few knowing about Hanover’s “caged” lion. Read more and view our favorite feline by reading the complete post.


July 16, 2016

John's Burnt Bridge (sometimes referred to as the Camelback Bridge) was built sometime around 1820, and is a beautiful structure that is often driven over without appreciating its excellent stonework. Read the article for more historical information. 


June 20, 2016

Hanover (Pennsylvania) is a major retail hub in the area, and this brings with it a boatload of places to eat. But which are worth stopping at?

While there are many that I'm sure are worthwhile that I've not listed here, this list includes some of my favorites that I personally recommend. Facebook (restaurant name) and website links are included...